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Edible plant walk at Miles Canyon


The Yukon Conservation Society offers guided walks in Whitehorse, for people who want to learn about local plants.

Guides point out what’s edible and what to avoid.


Whitehorse community garden


Whitehorse’s community garden gets plenty of sunlight even though it’s at the foot of this bluff.

Fall colours on the trails

IMG_1441 (Medium) IMG_1443 (Medium) IMG_1444 (Medium)Spotted on the Porcupine Ridge trail: The very beginning of fall colours on August 17.

Flowers of Yukon: All around Whitehorse

DSC_0084 (Medium) DSC_0085 (Medium) DSC_0086 (Medium) DSC_0087 (Medium) DSC_0096 (Medium) DSC_0102 (Medium) DSC_0103 (Medium) DSC_0104 (Medium) DSC_0105 (Medium) DSC_0106 (Medium)

DSC_0093 bee 1 (Medium)

All these flowers were photographed during a bike ride. Late July seems to be their peak time of year.

The Agridome: Prototype for Arctic agriculture

Agridome - exterior agridome - flower Agridome - Glenn Scott  (1) Agridome - Glenn Scott  recoloured Agridome  Glenn Scott Agridome 1 Agridome 2 agridome 3
agridome - cables

The Cold Climate Innovation Centre at Yukon College has built a prototype Agridome. Glenn Scott says he hopes the design will prove so energy-efficient as to make it cost-effective to grow produce in the Arctic.

Fall colours in Riverdale

fall20141fall_2014_2 fall_2014_6 fall2014_2  fall2014 

On the Upper Riverdale trail you can see bright orange, yellow and red colours beginning to blend in with the green leaves.

Experimental greenhouse at Yukon College

greenhouse - purple plants2 Greenhouse - remediationGreenhouse - lights, Katherine Stewart of Yukon Research Centre greenhouse - lights 2

greenhouse - outdoor

Yukon College has some interesting projects. One of them is this experimental greenhouse which is attempting to discover ways of growing produce in the arctic. 

This all-season prototype in Whitehorse uses colourful LED lights to grow plants.

One use could be vegetables in small remote communities. The greenhouse includes a motorized shutter which opens and closes a window; sealing the cold outside in times of darkness.