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Experimental greenhouse at Yukon College

greenhouse - purple plants2 Greenhouse - remediationGreenhouse - lights, Katherine Stewart of Yukon Research Centre greenhouse - lights 2

greenhouse - outdoor

Yukon College has some interesting projects. One of them is this experimental greenhouse which is attempting to discover ways of growing produce in the arctic. 

This all-season prototype in Whitehorse uses colourful LED lights to grow plants.

One use could be vegetables in small remote communities. The greenhouse includes a motorized shutter which opens and closes a window; sealing the cold outside in times of darkness. 


Yukon wildlife preserve: Mule deer

muledeer_in grassHere’s a mule deer with an impressive set of antlers. On a rainy day the animals were laying low in the tall grass.


Whitehorse General Hospital prepares for MRI


Whitehorse general - riversideWhitehorse hospital - riverside Whitehorse general - lobbyhospital 2 Hospital 1 glove and test tubes footprints Construction for new MRIWhitehorse General is preparing for a big upgrade, making room for Canada’s first MRI machine North of 60.

The hospital is already a very bright and clean space with high ceilings and a modern look.


Birds of Yukon: The Northern Shoveler

DSC_0024Here is (what I believe to be) a Northern Shoveler which is named after its huge beak. The duck flies a great distance to spend summers in Yukon’s marshes. It can winter in South America and Africa. 

Strangely enough this bird is a female and yet it has a yellow eye. The Peterson Field Guide to birds shows only male shovelers with a yellow eye instead of a black one.