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Traditional food: Eating a lynx

IMG_5022cropped - lynx demo 2IMG_5035IMG_E5040IMG_5017

During the recent muskrat camp outside Burwash Landing (at Lake Creek territorial campground) students got to meet trappers.

Ryan Sealy of Environment Yukon’s Trapper Education program obtained a lynx from a trapper in Pelly Crossing Yukon. Students saw how the fur is used and also the meat. It turns out lynx is edible — Sealy even calls it a “family favorite.”

The meat was cut into little cubes so that everyone would have a piece. I would describe it as tasting just like chicken if slightly chewier.


Students at ‘muskrat camp’ learn trapping

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The Kluane Lake School in Destruction Bay hosts a Muskrat Camp every year, where local students spend a few days with trappers and elders.

The students visited a trapline and learned how to trap muskrat. They then were guided through scraping the hides as well as sewing and other workshops.

These kinds of land skills are increasingly being recognized and incorporated into Yukon schools.

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Adäka festival: Traditional watercraft

Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (16)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (13)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (3)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (4)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (5)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (6)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (8)

The Akäka Arts and Culture Festival wrapped up today with a splash: Traditional canoes and kayaks were launched onto the Yukon River after more than a month of work.

Aboriginal Day 2017

DSC_0004 (Medium)DSC_0002 (Medium)DSC_0024 (Medium)Daniel Ashley, DJ Dash, performing with The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers (Medium)DSC_0011 (Medium)DSC_0018 (Medium)DSC_0041 (Medium)DSC_0034 (Medium)DSC_0044 (Medium)DSC_0048 (Medium)DSC_0050 (Medium)DSC_0054 (Medium)DSC_0058 (Medium)DSC_0061 (Medium)marilyn Jensen, The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers (Medium)the Peel watershed on drum (Medium)

This is the first year that Aboriginal Day is a statutory holiday in Yukon. This means government employees had the day off.

The celebration in Whitehorse included music, dancing, fish and bannock, and stories told around a campfire.

Yukon First Nations celebrate 20 years of self-government

AFN regional Chief Mike Smith 2 applause audience Chief Carl Sidney Teslin Tlingit Council 2 Chief Doris Bill of KDNF Chief Kristina Kane of Ta'an Kwach'an Council 2 Chief Steve Smith, Champagne and Aishihik First Nations dancing 1 dancing 2 dancing drummers DSC_0014 elder watches youth dance Four first nations Gifts and recognition girl Grand Chief Ruth Massie of CYFN grandma line dancing MC Judy Gingell nacho Nyak Dun youth - Jerry-Lee Buyck and Eileen Peter 2 next generation 1 Pasloski vest Stanley Njootli Sr. - Deputy Chief Vuntut gwitchin First nation 3

A huge celebration in Whitehorse at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural centre this week. Four First Nations are marking 20 years since negotiation self-government.

Pictured here are some of the Chiefs who spoke as well as the cultural performances.