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10,000 Chinook salmon released

Everyone wants to seewatching riverfish close upemptying bag - gopro'Sign warningRubber bootsLooking in bagfish bucket 2Emptying bagCapture

Every year the Whitehorse Fish Hatchery releases thousands of Chinook salmon.

The fish hatchery is owned by Yukon Energy which runs Whitehorse’s hydroelectric dam. While the dam has a fish ladder and other measures to prevent fish death, it’s believed to have an impact as it blocks the migration way.

Releasing new fish is a way to offset this.

The fish are released at the Wolf Creek Campground outside Whitehorse and children are encouraged to take part.


With those ears, they can probably hear traffic from miles away

DSC_0150 DSC_0159Here are two mule deer on the highway outside Carcross.


Bear on the roadside near Haines Junction


bear2014 bear_flowers bear_eye_injury

This bear was spotted outside of Haines Junction.

I thought it was a grizzly bear but in fact it’s a black bear.

It was eating dandelions by the roadside only a few minutes after the end of the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay which happened today.

The 250km relay takes place near Kluane National Park which is a place of great beauty and wildlife.

SAFETY NOTE: I took these photos using a 300mm zoom, from inside a car with the windows rolled up. I did not bother the bear and drove quickly away when I had snapped a few pictures.

Note the identifying mark of an injury over its left eye.


A coyote outside Haines Junction

DSC_0217Spotted from the Alaska highway outside Haines Junction: A coyote wanders into the brush.


Porcupine: Do not touch

porcupine1 porcupine2

Here’s an impressive porcupine walking slowly near the Alaska highway. You can see the sunshine catching its impressive and sharp quills.


Awkward mule deer

DSC_0212 (Large) DSC_0219

Shedding coat, budding antlers, big ears: This mule deer is the picture of the awkward teenager.


Lynx behind links

DSC_0057 2

This photo from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve accentuates the animal’s captivity.