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Chilkoot Trail: Final post. Lunch and return aboard the White Pass

DSCF7277 DSCF7305 DSCF7306 DSCF7308When booking your return from the Chilkoot aboard the White Pass and Yukon route, you can buy a $15 meal in advance. It’s great!

All the hikers gather in a large dining room and there is coffee, stew, bread and apple pie. It’s a feast after five days on the trail.

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Chilkoot Trail: Arrival into Bennett

DSCF7279 DSCF7284 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Trail leads into Bennett, BC where people historically built ships to sail towards Whitehorse and the Klondike.

Bennett itself is a ghost town, with only an old church remaining and one private cabin. There’s some satisfaction from seeing a Chilkoot Trail sign that points the other way.


Chilkoot Trail: Huge landscape

DSCF7246One of the last stops on Day 4, coming into Bennett and looking at the scenery.


Chilkoot Trail: Encounter with a black bear

DSCF7216DSCF7222DSCF7223 DSCF7227During the walk from Happy Camp to Lindeman Lake our group came across a black bear.

The bear and a cub were in a blueberry patch. They poked their heads out of the trees and started walking away.

Later that night at Lindeman Lake campground, Parks Canada was holding a question-and-answer session about the trail and life in Old Crow Yukon.

Suddenly the group heard the snapping of branches from behind a tent. It was the bear and cub returning to the camp.

The Parks Canada guides instructed people to walk into a tent and then made noise: First shouting, then clapping,  then an airhorn, then a “bear banger” to scare the bear away.

The bear resentfully shuffled back into the woods.

black bear

Here’s the bear! (bottom right behind the bushes)

Chilkoot trail: Happy Camp

DSCF7195 DSCF7183 DSCF7184One of the different stops along the Chilkoot Trail on the Canadian side is Happy Camp.

It’s a beautiful location to stop for the night. Most campgrounds (with the exception of Lindemann Lake) have wooden platforms for tents.

With the mist and the green mountains many people made jokes about Happy Camp resembling Jurassic Park.


Chilkoot Trail: Water crossings

DSCF7145 DSCF7148 DSCF7152Glaciers and mountain-top snows melt during the summer.  When crossing the Chilkoot Trail a person should bring shoes they don’t mind getting wet. (Or try your luck barefoot.)

Don’t forget to pack extra socks.


Chilkoot Trail: Snow in August

DSCF7155 DSCF7156Here’s another view of snow in August on the Canadian side of the summit.

After the summit crossing it’s a scenic walk to Happy Camp.