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Interesting German-made RV: The “Man” truck


S0017388Spotted recently in Dawson City is this German-made “Man” truck.

This touring team has been around the world from Africa to South America, across routes like the Silk Road and now to the Arctic Circle.

As you can see the converted commercial truck is far more rugged than a typical RV. It’s equipped with large tires, winches and ladders.


Dempster Highway bikers

DSC_0195 DSC_0196Here are a couple of motorcyclists turning onto the Dempster Highway: Ready to travel from Yukon up towards Fort McPherson and Inuvik in the arctic circle.

You can notice, one of them has a camera strapped to his head.

One of the bikers said he’d suffered from two flats, and one of them had already fallen off a bike and had been driving despite a shoulder injury.

Road trips like these are always a challenge, even with proper planning and equipment.