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Helicopter over Skagway

DSC_0337Spotted over Skagway Alaska: A small helicopter taking off at a banked angle.


Fresh snow at the Whitehorse airport

plane2 Runway 1 Small planes Whitehorse airport PlaneHere are a few views of small planes at the Whitehorse airport. Air traffic becomes more difficult as snow reduces the visibility.

Float plane ready for takeoff

float planeYukon has a thrilling history of aviation. The territory even today relies on small planes to reach remote destinations. This plane was ready for take off on Schwatka Lake outside Whitehorse. 


A kite over the moon

DSC_0115 copy

Spotted tonight near the Yukon River: A colourful kite over the moon.

The Whitehorse airport

Whitehorse airport Whitehorse airport (1)Whitehorse’s airport welcomes many international flights. There are even Condor flights from Germany during the tourist season.

Very nice mountain scenery here.


Flying a quadcopter

DSC_0138Spotted at shipywards park today in Whitehorse: A man was flying a remote-controlled quadrotor helicopter. They’re amazingly stable and resemble a flying saucer.