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Wildlife on the way to Carcross


The most useful thing I’ve learned over the years about photography is to keep your equipment ready.

When driving I test settings first, then keep the camera and zoom lens equipped on the passenger seat. The result is that I can react quickly when wildlife appears.

A trip to Carcross this week was very scenic and provided some great opportunities — no less than one bear, three moose (a mother and two yearlings) as well as a porcupine.


Driving through Kluane National Park

Kluane National Park drive through Philippe Morin (3)

With spring weather, more people are taking RVs out for sightseeing and camping.

This one is pictured driving through Kluane National Park. The signs incorporate Southern Tutchone language.

‘Golden hour’ light


A car drives into Haines Junction on the Alaska HIghway, dwarfed by the immense mountains and scenery.

Deer alongside the road


Look out anytime driving the Alaska Highway as there could be wildlife along the side.

This deer was spotted between Whitehorse and Haines Junction.

Mule deer on the Alaska highway

mule deer
This mule deer was spotted on the side of the Alaska highway grazing among the lupins and tall grass.

Bald eagle surveys a changing landscape

baldeagle2 baldeagle3

Spotted alongside the Alaska highway: A bald eagle perhaps noticing the change in the leaves to fall colours.

Dust on the Alaska Highway

DSC_0362The Alaska Highway is cleaned by road crews during the summer. The road produces big clouds of dust especially when driven by heavy trucks.