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Mule deer on the Alaska highway

mule deer
This mule deer was spotted on the side of the Alaska highway grazing among the lupins and tall grass.


Bald eagle surveys a changing landscape

baldeagle2 baldeagle3

Spotted alongside the Alaska highway: A bald eagle perhaps noticing the change in the leaves to fall colours.

Dust on the Alaska Highway

DSC_0362The Alaska Highway is cleaned by road crews during the summer. The road produces big clouds of dust especially when driven by heavy trucks.


Solitude of the long-distance bicycle tourist

bicy ld (Large) bicycle scenery (Large)Yukon is a place of long roads and open scenery.

Many fans of cycle tourism will travel for days on end, stopping to camp along the way.




Road work

road work

Yukon is roughly the size of California with a huge network of highways; some of the longest roads you’ll find in the world.

Long winters mean almost constant repairs of the asphalt during the short warm season.


A coyote outside Haines Junction

DSC_0217Spotted from the Alaska highway outside Haines Junction: A coyote wanders into the brush.


Alaska Highway scenery on the Canadian side


Here’s a massive landscape on the road that connects Alaska to BC and Yukon.

Click to zoom in — you can see a tiny car for scale on the road. Yukon is a destination for road trip tourism and in summer the roads see hundreds of campers, RVs and motorcycles.