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Christmas break trail run

DSCF7915 DSCF7916 DSCF7935 DSCF7938 DSCF7941 DSCF7944 DSCF7952 DSCF7951 DSCF7948 DSCF7947 DSCF7946 DSCF7960 DSCF7959 DSCF7958 DSCF7957 Temperatures of -7 celcius on Boxing Day, no wind and plenty of sunshine. The perfect weather for a trail run. The city of Whitehorse is surrounded by running trails and it doesn’t take five minutes before you’re on a path between a lake and mountains with no buildings in sight. The trails all have names and clear signs. Running the trails, you meet people walking their dogs or simply enjoying the peace and quiet.


Warm weather, flowing water

photo1The Yukon river flows with open water. The season’s been very warm so far.