The Agridome: Prototype for Arctic agriculture

Agridome - exterior agridome - flower Agridome - Glenn Scott  (1) Agridome - Glenn Scott  recoloured Agridome  Glenn Scott Agridome 1 Agridome 2 agridome 3
agridome - cables

The Cold Climate Innovation Centre at Yukon College has built a prototype Agridome. Glenn Scott says he hopes the design will prove so energy-efficient as to make it cost-effective to grow produce in the Arctic.


One response to “The Agridome: Prototype for Arctic agriculture

  1. I was looking at information on this greenhouse project, and noted that a feasibility study to determine whether units could be made commercially available in northern Canada. As someone who has lived there, I was interested, so I looked for information. I was able to fine it concerning winter in Whitehorse where the weather ranges from -14 to -21 in January, according to This is fairly close in temperature to Peace River, Alberta which is -12 to -20 at the same time of year, and which is in an area that farms beef, grain, and honey, among other things. I could not, however, find any information about feasibility studies for areas farther north that have colder winters such as Old Crow, YT with an average of -29 to -34, Iqauit, NU which is -24 to -31, Inuvik, NT with an average of -23 to -31, or Grise Fiord which ranges -15 to -40 in the winter. Since the farther north settlements are the ones that are having problems getting shipments of nutritious foods year round, it is areas like them that would needs the domes, so it makes sense for information to be published on the ups and downs of using the domes there. Any idea where I could find this information? I have friends and family up north, and would love to pass it on to them.

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