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Getting the job done at -37c


This traffic light was flashing yellow one morning around 8am. Workers from the City of Whitehorse and a local electrical company were fixing it, with a little tent to cut the wind.

A cold day on the job!


Breaking ice at hydroelectric dam: Dam that’s cold!

checking the hole Checking the monitor Divers - exitign Divers - suit Divers1 divers2

diver 2

Workers dipped into some cold water yesterday. The Whitehorse hydroelectric dam’s turbines stopped turning because of underwater ice.

Divers wearing dry suits worked in shifts using an underwater steam cannon to melt the ice and get the turbines rolling again.

YuKonstruct: The first “makerspace” North of 60

Yukonstruct - milling machine Andrew Kalek3d p[rinter 1 3d printer controls 1  Boy with safety goggles

Mliing machine  controlsdrill bit Hammers maker movement poster makers    Yukonstruct - public art Yukonstruct - workbench space Yukonstruct- fox

Smoke machine - openingLet’s say you live in a condo, apartment, mobile home or a place without a garage. Where are you supposed to fix your car, repaint a kitchen table or build a prototype for an invention you might have?

One answer could be a “Makerspace.” It’s like a gym for tinkering minds. A monthly fee provides access to workshop space, equipment and even some specialized tools like routers, laser cutters and 3D printers.

There is such a space in Whitehorse, called YuKonstruct.



Rain causes a rockslide

DSC_0057 DSC_0065

The Klondike highway was briefly closed due to a rockslide this month.

Crews manage to dig up the road and restore the flow of traffic after heavy rains.

Road work

road work

Yukon is roughly the size of California with a huge network of highways; some of the longest roads you’ll find in the world.

Long winters mean almost constant repairs of the asphalt during the short warm season.