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Adäka festival: Traditional watercraft

Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (16)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (13)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (3)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (4)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (5)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (6)Adaka launch Philippe Morin CBC (8)

The Akäka Arts and Culture Festival wrapped up today with a splash: Traditional canoes and kayaks were launched onto the Yukon River after more than a month of work.

Yukon River Quest 2016

DSC_0304DSC_0328DSC_0335DSC_0337DSC_0349DSC_0360DSC_0378DSC_0389DSC_0391DSC_0474DSC_0459DSC_0458DSC_0457The Yukon River Quest starts in Whitehorse and ends in Dawson City. People use canoes, kayaks and even stand-up paddle boards.

The total distance is more than 700 kilometres. There are enforced breaks along the way but teams and solo paddlers continue through the nights.

This year there were 94 teams from 14 countries. The #1 team (this year, two people in a canoe) finished after about 46 hours in the water.


Big moose along the Yukon River

DSC_0250DSC_0265DSC_0260Rainy days are better for seeing wildlife along the Yukon River. This big moose and calf noticed our canoe then walked into the shallow river.

Drifting down the Yukon River

DSC_0289DSC_0290These two were spotted on a home-made raft, slowly making their way down the Yukon River.

The current is strong enough that it’s possible to go downstream with poles to push off now and then.

Sheep alongside the Yukon River

DSC_0163DSC_0161Look closely and you’ll see white sheep on this mountain. They’re avoiding predators by clinging to the steep rock face.

Yukon River: Birds along the water


The Yukon River has a variety of bird species including falcons, geese, ducks, eagles and more. These are a few spotted during the paddle from Carmacks to Dawson City.

Yukon River: Our 400-kilometre journey


Some friends and I just paddled from Carmacks to Dawson City, Yukon.

The trip runs about 400 kilometres with the canoes pushed by the current all the way. The scenery is majestic.