Monthly Archives: October 2013

Soaring eagles above Whitehorse

DSC_0207 DSC_0223


DSC_0232The road to Chadburn Lake has a scenic lookout.

Today there were strong winds and three eagles were gliding and swooping in the cold air. I believe these could be the eagles from the Robert Service campground nest (and famous webcam) though you can’t really tell.



There’s carrots in them hills

DSC_0176 (Large)There’s some agriculture in Yukon and it’s a growing industry. Here we see a bag of carrots purchased at the local Extra Foods.

A lot of Yukon products seem to feature a bearded, Gold Rush panner on the label.


Scenery on the morning commute

River fog (Large)

The Yukon river is covered with a rolling fog around 8am. It’s a sign of winter approaching.

Yukon is a great place to kayak


DSC_0266Spotted at Long Lake: Some kayakers taking the day to explore some of the waterways. Not bad for late October.


The Whitehorse General Hospital

DSC_0234Here’s an exterior view of the hospital which serves Whitehorse and surrounding communities. It’s a very modern-looking facility.


Mobile homes at the foot of a mountain

DSC_0239Here’s the Takhini mobile home park. You can appreciate the scenery from far away.


Thanksgiving dinner in the wild

DSC_0264It’s fall time and there should be snow by now. Animals like this squirrel are fattening up for the winter.

This one was seen eating pinecones on the Long Lake trails outside of Whitehorse.