Northern lights over Whitehorse


There were incredible aurora borealis over Whitehorse this weekend.


Yukon Quest: Mushers arrive at -40c


Being in Dawson City this year, I saw the mushers arrive at -40c. Shown here are Allen Moore (in white; he went on to win the Quest this year) and Ed Hopkins, a Canadian who has run the Quest 10 times now.

Yukon Quest: Yukon River landscape


Here’s Vebjorn Aishana Reitan, a 21 year old Yukon Quest rookie shown on the Yukon River in Dawson City.

Yukon Quest 2018: Drop Day

Briana MacKay, assistant race managerIMG_3231IMG_3233IMG_3238IMG_3243

It takes a lot of food to keep hundreds of dogs running on the Yukon Quest. Shown here is ‘drop day’ where volunteers and race crews prepare goods to be dropped alongside the trail.

Each musher is required to stock enough food for their teams. Most of the weight is kibble but mushers also feed their animals moose, fish, beaver, duck and other wild game.

Yukon Quest 2018: Vet check


The Yukon Quest dog sled race recently took place, going this year from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse.

The first step are the veterinarian checks, where dogs are assessed as being fit to run.

Yukon River starting to freeze


The river is starting to freeze. A few weeks from now, further downriver, the ice will support mushers in the Yukon Quest.

Getting the job done at -37c


This traffic light was flashing yellow one morning around 8am. Workers from the City of Whitehorse and a local electrical company were fixing it, with a little tent to cut the wind.

A cold day on the job!