Lynx crossing the road

DSC_0403 2

DSC_0405 2

Driving to Atlin, BC, spotted this lynx on the Yukon side. A rare encounter.



Carcross desert


Here is the Carcross desert looking like some exotic planet out of Star Wars: Ice and sand side by side.

Yukon Arctic Ultra: 690km on foot


The Yukon Arctic Ultra follows the trail of the Yukon Quest from Whitehorse to Dawson.

This year 40 runners signed up for the journey of 690km in 13 days on foot!

Some people also use snow bikes or skis for shorter distances. What an event!

Yukon Quest 2017: And they’re off!


The Yukon Quest kicked off this weekend, as mushers are making their way from Whitehorse Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska.

The race is a huge event for Whitehorse, with fans visiting from around the world.

Crescent moon over Whitehorse


A really nice crescent moon over Whitehorse this morning, with the planet Jupiter top right.

Beautiful how you can still see the entire moon despite the edge being illuminated.

Big snowflakes


Snow has arrived in late October this year. The week before Halloween offers big snowflakes covering everything with a light powder.

As the bumper sticker says: “I’d rather be skiing!”

Whitehorse community garden


Whitehorse’s community garden gets plenty of sunlight even though it’s at the foot of this bluff.