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A junior seagull learns to walk

Junior seagull croppedJunior seagull (3)Junior seagull - cropped parkingJunior seagull (5)

This little bird was learning to walk around downtown Whitehorse, under the watchful eye of a parent.

The larger bird was screeching, and the little bird would respond with chirps.

Rainy day in Carcross


A raven flies along the waters where Bennett Lake meets Nares Lake in Carcross. It’s been a rainy summer in Yukon with far more misty and wet conditions than usual.

Yukon River: Birds along the water


The Yukon River has a variety of bird species including falcons, geese, ducks, eagles and more. These are a few spotted during the paddle from Carmacks to Dawson City.

La Vie de Bohème

DSC_0167 (Medium) DSC_0178 (Medium) DSC_0182 (Medium) DSC_0195 (Medium) DSC_0201 (Medium)

These little birds are called Bohemian Waxwings. They travel in huge groups and recently stopped by the Old Log Church in downtown Whitehorse.

Bald eagle surveys a changing landscape

baldeagle2 baldeagle3

Spotted alongside the Alaska highway: A bald eagle perhaps noticing the change in the leaves to fall colours.

New record: Eight bald eagles in the same tree

DSC_0871 DSC_0904

Bald eagles hang around Fish Lake road, which is on the edge of Whitehorse.

The birds are attracted to the landfill which is called War Eagle. (A new landfill extension is called Son of War Eagle Landfill.)

Seeing this many birds in the same tree is rare.

Ravens in Whitehorse: In the modern landscape

fry lookoutJust waiting for someone to drop a fry…