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Bear warning in Whitehorse

bear warningA bear was recently spotted within Whitehorse. These yellow warnings are posted near the Black Street Stairs.

A good reminder to take out your headphones and pay attention…

Grizzly bear on side of the road

Grizzly bear Carcross Road May 28 2015Spotted on the road back from Carcross: A grizzly bear with at least one cub. You can tell it’s a grizzly by the hump on its back.

After seeing this, we warned cyclists a few kilometres ahead.

Bear on the roadside near Haines Junction


bear2014 bear_flowers bear_eye_injury

This bear was spotted outside of Haines Junction.

I thought it was a grizzly bear but in fact it’s a black bear.

It was eating dandelions by the roadside only a few minutes after the end of the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay which happened today.

The 250km relay takes place near Kluane National Park which is a place of great beauty and wildlife.

SAFETY NOTE: I took these photos using a 300mm zoom, from inside a car with the windows rolled up. I did not bother the bear and drove quickly away when I had snapped a few pictures.

Note the identifying mark of an injury over its left eye.