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Flowers of Yukon: All around Whitehorse

DSC_0084 (Medium) DSC_0085 (Medium) DSC_0086 (Medium) DSC_0087 (Medium) DSC_0096 (Medium) DSC_0102 (Medium) DSC_0103 (Medium) DSC_0104 (Medium) DSC_0105 (Medium) DSC_0106 (Medium)

DSC_0093 bee 1 (Medium)

All these flowers were photographed during a bike ride. Late July seems to be their peak time of year.


Pack horses, dry fish and other Yukon traditions

DSC_0058 (Medium) DSC_0059 (Medium) DSC_0060 (Medium) DSC_0061 (Medium) DSC_0062 (Medium)Whitehorse has many beautiful murals, though some colours are fading.

This one on 4th Ave depicts the making of dry fish, packing horses and dogs and the cabins and clothing of early 1900s life.

New record: Eight bald eagles in the same tree

DSC_0871 DSC_0904

Bald eagles hang around Fish Lake road, which is on the edge of Whitehorse.

The birds are attracted to the landfill which is called War Eagle. (A new landfill extension is called Son of War Eagle Landfill.)

Seeing this many birds in the same tree is rare.