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With those ears, they can probably hear traffic from miles away

DSC_0150 DSC_0159Here are two mule deer on the highway outside Carcross.



YuKonstruct: The first “makerspace” North of 60

Yukonstruct - milling machine Andrew Kalek3d p[rinter 1 3d printer controls 1  Boy with safety goggles

Mliing machine  controlsdrill bit Hammers maker movement poster makers    Yukonstruct - public art Yukonstruct - workbench space Yukonstruct- fox

Smoke machine - openingLet’s say you live in a condo, apartment, mobile home or a place without a garage. Where are you supposed to fix your car, repaint a kitchen table or build a prototype for an invention you might have?

One answer could be a “Makerspace.” It’s like a gym for tinkering minds. A monthly fee provides access to workshop space, equipment and even some specialized tools like routers, laser cutters and 3D printers.

There is such a space in Whitehorse, called YuKonstruct.



German traveller with massive RV

Travelling Germans - grillsConfusionGermans - drawings Germans - driving

Three gas tanksKitchen interior Sunroof opens

Roof exitWheel well

gas tanks - under truck

Traelling Germans - rear
Six wheels, three gas tanks and built to withstand warzones.
What is this vehicle?
“I bought it from the German police” says the driver, Mario Goldstein. He explains the truck was formerly used to carry a water cannon.
Now it has driven him through Pakistan and India as well as North America.
Goldstein briefly stopped in Whitehorse last week while on a tour of Yukon and Alaska.

Centennial trail in the fall colours

recumbent bikeThe centennial trail is a paved 5km loop near downtown Whitehorse. It’s used by joggers, people walking and bicycles of all types including this recumbent bike.


Shooting star

stars3stars2Nights are getting longer, offering views of the cosmos.

Whitehorse has many spots such as Miles Canyon where photographers gather away from the city lights.


Fall colours and the S.S. Klondike

klondikeA nice day for a stroll on the Centennial trail.

Birds of Yukon: Eagles vs Ravens

eagle - wingspanA juvenile eagle lands near the side of the Yukon River

eagle - ravensThe eagle is confronted by small ravens.

ravens - botheringThe black birds pester the eagle, flying close in tight circles.

Raven - chased awayThe bothered juvenile eagle flies away.

bald eagle - full wingspanSuddenly a huge mature bald eagle arrives with its massive wingspan. The ravens scatter.

Bald eagleThe bald eagle, King of the Jungle (so to speak) rests unchallenged.