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Testing the Sherp: Russian innovation


A company called Sherp Canada held a demonstration outside Whitehorse. These machines are made in Ukraine and can go through mud, water, ice, snow — you name it.

One thing I noticed though, is that they tear up the countryside. This is partly because of the huge wheels and the method of turning, which is like a tank. Wheels turning forwards and backwards, pivoting the vehicle, tend to mash the ground and dig into it.

The manufacturers hope the Canadian Forces will buy some.


Dust on the Alaska Highway

DSC_0362The Alaska Highway is cleaned by road crews during the summer. The road produces big clouds of dust especially when driven by heavy trucks.

German traveller with massive RV

Travelling Germans - grillsConfusionGermans - drawings Germans - driving

Three gas tanksKitchen interior Sunroof opens

Roof exitWheel well

gas tanks - under truck

Traelling Germans - rear
Six wheels, three gas tanks and built to withstand warzones.
What is this vehicle?
“I bought it from the German police” says the driver, Mario Goldstein. He explains the truck was formerly used to carry a water cannon.
Now it has driven him through Pakistan and India as well as North America.
Goldstein briefly stopped in Whitehorse last week while on a tour of Yukon and Alaska.

Road work

road work

Yukon is roughly the size of California with a huge network of highways; some of the longest roads you’ll find in the world.

Long winters mean almost constant repairs of the asphalt during the short warm season.

Old workhorse by the Alaska Highway

vehicleDSC_0035 vehicleDSC_0038 vehicleDSC_0040 vehicleDSC_0041This old warthog of a vehicle has been left by the Alaska Highway.

From the chains you can tell it was used for clearing snow, moving heavy equipment and getting some tough work done.


Alaska Highway scenery on the Canadian side


Here’s a massive landscape on the road that connects Alaska to BC and Yukon.

Click to zoom in — you can see a tiny car for scale on the road. Yukon is a destination for road trip tourism and in summer the roads see hundreds of campers, RVs and motorcycles.

Snow removal around the clock

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4This year Whitehorse has more snow than usual. This requires a lot of work to remove.

Roads tend to be wide here. Graders plow the snow into the centre of the road between lanes. Later a mechanical shovel comes by and lifts the snow into a dump truck.

As you can see crews have been working day and night.