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Fall colours at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

DSC_0034DSC_0011DSC_0018DSC_0048 DSC_0050

DSC_0017 DSC_0038Many animals change coats this time of year at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

The preserve allows a look at Yukon animals in their natural habitats. (Note the Lynx, second photo from bottom, has a bird in its mouth!)


Yukon wildlife preserve: Mule deer

muledeer_in grassHere’s a mule deer with an impressive set of antlers. On a rainy day the animals were laying low in the tall grass.


Wise goat on the mountain

DSC_0261 (Large)

What is it about mountain goats that makes you want to ask them for advice?

“Be patient young man. Mountain goat wisdom says the secret of life is balance.”

Looking like the ancient guru on the hill of wisdom.

Growing baby muskox at Yukon Wildlife preserve

DSC_0239 (Custom)baby baby2The Yukon Wildlife preserve has seen baby muskox this year.

The new animals are growing fast and even breaking into occasional short runs.

In the beginning they hardly emerged from the protection (and insulation) of their parents’ undersides.

Now they are learning a balance between freedom and the safety of the herd.


Awkward mule deer

DSC_0212 (Large) DSC_0219

Shedding coat, budding antlers, big ears: This mule deer is the picture of the awkward teenager.

Lynx behind links

DSC_0057 2

This photo from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve accentuates the animal’s captivity.

Caribou in the spring

DSC_0081 DSC_0087A caribou sniffs the air, smelling the effect of rain on the landscape.