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Flowers of Yukon: All around Whitehorse

DSC_0084 (Medium) DSC_0085 (Medium) DSC_0086 (Medium) DSC_0087 (Medium) DSC_0096 (Medium) DSC_0102 (Medium) DSC_0103 (Medium) DSC_0104 (Medium) DSC_0105 (Medium) DSC_0106 (Medium)

DSC_0093 bee 1 (Medium)

All these flowers were photographed during a bike ride. Late July seems to be their peak time of year.


Wings of spring: Mourning cloak butterfly


Spring means the return of buzzing, crawling, hopping and flying insect life.

This butterfly — thanks to commenter PSYL for pointing out it’s a Mourning cloak! — has likely arrived from a long migration.