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Gopher at the airport

DSC_0081 (Small)DSC_0082 (Small)

A gopher takes in the beautiful morning weather at the Whitehorse airport.


Fall colours at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

DSC_0034DSC_0011DSC_0018DSC_0048 DSC_0050

DSC_0017 DSC_0038Many animals change coats this time of year at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

The preserve allows a look at Yukon animals in their natural habitats. (Note the Lynx, second photo from bottom, has a bird in its mouth!)

Squirrels emerge with the warm weather

DSC_0677 (Small)DSC_0653 (Small) DSC_0681 (Small)The weather’s been unseasonably warm and you can see squirrels emerging from their dreys.


A coyote outside Haines Junction

DSC_0217Spotted from the Alaska highway outside Haines Junction: A coyote wanders into the brush.


Porcupine: Do not touch

porcupine1 porcupine2

Here’s an impressive porcupine walking slowly near the Alaska highway. You can see the sunshine catching its impressive and sharp quills.


Awkward mule deer

DSC_0212 (Large) DSC_0219

Shedding coat, budding antlers, big ears: This mule deer is the picture of the awkward teenager.


Lynx behind links

DSC_0057 2

This photo from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve accentuates the animal’s captivity.