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Haines Junction: Different vessels on the water

HainesJunction (2) (Large) HainesJunction (3) (Large) HainesJunction (10) (Large)


Spotted in Haines Junction: People travelling the waterways in a variety of ways.


July flowers

HainesJunction (6) (Large)I don’t know the species but this is a very nice-lookign summer flower. 


Reflections on water: Haines Junction

Haines Junction water (1) Haines Junction water (2) Haines Junction water (3) Haines Junction water (4) Haines Junction water (5) Haines Junction water (6)

A nice way to spend time in the summer; spend time photographing water, seeing how the camera interacts with its motion.

These were all taken in Haines Junction, Yukon.

Skagway Alaska: The garden city

Skagway (1) Skagway (3) Skagway (4) Skagway (5) Skagway (6) Skagway (7)Skagway (9)Skagway (11) Skagway (12) Skagway (13)Here are a few views from Skagway Alaska. It’s a popular destination for day trips from Whitehorse.

Skagway has access to the ocean and welcomes huge cruise ships.


Solitude of the long-distance bicycle tourist

bicy ld (Large) bicycle scenery (Large)Yukon is a place of long roads and open scenery.

Many fans of cycle tourism will travel for days on end, stopping to camp along the way.



Handmade reminder: If you pack it in, pack it out

DSC_0363 (Large) (2)A decorated sign reminds travellers to be considerate.


The craggy scenery of the White Pass

DSC_0110 (Large)  DSC_0046 (Large) DSC_0111 (Large)

DSC_0047 (Large)DSC_0112 (Large)

The white pass is an area of the Klondike Highway in the direction of Alaska.

You might recall it from this winter. Here is the same region being patrolled by an avalanche crew.

The region retains snow all year. It’s a cold, windy, white pass.