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New Canadians welcomed in Yukon

New Canadians - gym transformednew canadians - brothers New Canadians - clap new canadians - cramming New Canadians - crowd New Canadians - oath new Canadians - picture taking new Canadians - taking the oath New Canadians - Valera couple Vitold JordanYukon recently held a citizenship ceremony to welcome 128 new Canadians. Most of the new citizens had been waiting years for that moment, and will to continue to live in Yukon.

A very touching moment that makes one appreciate Canadian citizenship.



Wise goat on the mountain

DSC_0261 (Large)

What is it about mountain goats that makes you want to ask them for advice?

“Be patient young man. Mountain goat wisdom says the secret of life is balance.”

Looking like the ancient guru on the hill of wisdom.

Birds of Yukon: The Tree Swallow

tree swallow 3 tree swallow tree swallow2Here is Tachycineta bicolor also called the Tree Swallow.

These little birds live in small nooks such as holes in trees. They are known to glide around in circles followed by quick flaps and a short climb.

Both sexes look almost identical. The birds turn a shimmering bright blue when they are adults.


Growing baby muskox at Yukon Wildlife preserve

DSC_0239 (Custom)baby baby2The Yukon Wildlife preserve has seen baby muskox this year.

The new animals are growing fast and even breaking into occasional short runs.

In the beginning they hardly emerged from the protection (and insulation) of their parents’ undersides.

Now they are learning a balance between freedom and the safety of the herd.


Awkward mule deer

DSC_0212 (Large) DSC_0219

Shedding coat, budding antlers, big ears: This mule deer is the picture of the awkward teenager.

Meeting of the birds

meeting fo birds

An eagle and a magpie in what appears to be a respectful meeting. What’s going on here? It looks like an Aesop’s Fable playing out.

Hesitant caribou

caribou cross

This shy caribou was spotted on the turnoff road to Carcross. Appropriately, the community’s name is a shortening of Caribou Crossing.