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Students at ‘muskrat camp’ learn trapping

DSC_2971IMG_5027DSC_2959IMG_5028IMG_5029colour corrected - trappingIMG_4973DSC_3132DSC_3156DSC_3192IMG_5094IMG_5106IMG_5097IMG_5130IMG_4958DSC_3079

The Kluane Lake School in Destruction Bay hosts a Muskrat Camp every year, where local students spend a few days with trappers and elders.

The students visited a trapline and learned how to trap muskrat. They then were guided through scraping the hides as well as sewing and other workshops.

These kinds of land skills are increasingly being recognized and incorporated into Yukon schools.

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Edible plant walk at Miles Canyon


The Yukon Conservation Society offers guided walks in Whitehorse, for people who want to learn about local plants.

Guides point out what’s edible and what to avoid.

Mining week in Yukon

geode (Small)gold pan (Small)IMG_1213 (Small)IMG_1218 (Small)IMG_1220 (Small)IMG_1226 (Small)taking pic (Small)watching (Small)The mining industry in Yukon holds an event called Mining Week.

Industry and also research groups such as Yukon College hold a fair to speak about their work. There are activities for children like panning for gold and cracking apart geodes which are little rocks with crystalline interiors.

Graduates taking photos at Miles Canyon

DSC_0471 DSC_0476An evening walk at Miles Canyon reveals high school grads taking photos at this beautiful scenic spot.

YuKonstruct: The first “makerspace” North of 60

Yukonstruct - milling machine Andrew Kalek3d p[rinter 1 3d printer controls 1  Boy with safety goggles

Mliing machine  controlsdrill bit Hammers maker movement poster makers    Yukonstruct - public art Yukonstruct - workbench space Yukonstruct- fox

Smoke machine - openingLet’s say you live in a condo, apartment, mobile home or a place without a garage. Where are you supposed to fix your car, repaint a kitchen table or build a prototype for an invention you might have?

One answer could be a “Makerspace.” It’s like a gym for tinkering minds. A monthly fee provides access to workshop space, equipment and even some specialized tools like routers, laser cutters and 3D printers.

There is such a space in Whitehorse, called YuKonstruct.



Experimental greenhouse at Yukon College

greenhouse - purple plants2 Greenhouse - remediationGreenhouse - lights, Katherine Stewart of Yukon Research Centre greenhouse - lights 2

greenhouse - outdoor

Yukon College has some interesting projects. One of them is this experimental greenhouse which is attempting to discover ways of growing produce in the arctic. 

This all-season prototype in Whitehorse uses colourful LED lights to grow plants.

One use could be vegetables in small remote communities. The greenhouse includes a motorized shutter which opens and closes a window; sealing the cold outside in times of darkness. 

Elders in the schools

photo (2)At Elijah Smith elementary school in Whitehorse, some recognition for community members who share stories with students.