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Traditional food: Eating a lynx

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During the recent muskrat camp outside Burwash Landing (at Lake Creek territorial campground) students got to meet trappers.

Ryan Sealy of Environment Yukon’s Trapper Education program obtained a lynx from a trapper in Pelly Crossing Yukon. Students saw how the fur is used and also the meat. It turns out lynx is edible — Sealy even calls it a “family favorite.”

The meat was cut into little cubes so that everyone would have a piece. I would describe it as tasting just like chicken if slightly chewier.


Sourdough Rendezvous 2014: Celebrating 50 years



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Whitehorse marks the Sourdough Rendezvous every year. It comes at a time when the sun is returning and people look forward to spring.

The name “sourdough” is of course a type of bread which was brought to this region in Gold Rush times and came to mean experienced miners.

Sourdough Rendezvous has a lot of fur on display. There is snow carving, music and outdoor games for the love of winter.