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Wildlife on the way to Carcross


The most useful thing I’ve learned over the years about photography is to keep your equipment ready.

When driving I test settings first, then keep the camera and zoom lens equipped on the passenger seat. The result is that I can react quickly when wildlife appears.

A trip to Carcross this week was very scenic and provided some great opportunities — no less than one bear, three moose (a mother and two yearlings) as well as a porcupine.


Rainy day in Carcross


A raven flies along the waters where Bennett Lake meets Nares Lake in Carcross. It’s been a rainy summer in Yukon with far more misty and wet conditions than usual.

Carcross desert


Here is the Carcross desert looking like some exotic planet out of Star Wars: Ice and sand side by side.

Carcross RCMP detachement office


Here’s the RCMP detachment office in Carcross. It’s a nice building with colourful wood accents giving it a friendly look.

With those ears, they can probably hear traffic from miles away

DSC_0150 DSC_0159Here are two mule deer on the highway outside Carcross.


A walk in the sand: The Carcross desert



DSC_0170  DSC_0172


Outside of Carcross Yukon there are many acres of sand. The region is called the Carcross desert.  It’s a strange feature: A patch of sand surrounded by water and lush forest.

The two last photos show blueberries which were growing in the desert.

Wood construction in Carcross

CarcrossCarcross Yukon has wood construction and carvings. Here’s a new veranda used for outdoor events.