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Wildlife on the way to Carcross


The most useful thing I’ve learned over the years about photography is to keep your equipment ready.

When driving I test settings first, then keep the camera and zoom lens equipped on the passenger seat. The result is that I can react quickly when wildlife appears.

A trip to Carcross this week was very scenic and provided some great opportunities — no less than one bear, three moose (a mother and two yearlings) as well as a porcupine.


Traditional food: Eating a lynx

IMG_5022cropped - lynx demo 2IMG_5035IMG_E5040IMG_5017

During the recent muskrat camp outside Burwash Landing (at Lake Creek territorial campground) students got to meet trappers.

Ryan Sealy of Environment Yukon’s Trapper Education program obtained a lynx from a trapper in Pelly Crossing Yukon. Students saw how the fur is used and also the meat. It turns out lynx is edible — Sealy even calls it a “family favorite.”

The meat was cut into little cubes so that everyone would have a piece. I would describe it as tasting just like chicken if slightly chewier.

Caribou alongside the Alaska Highway



Caribou have a spring migration and these days they are crossing the Alaska highway outside of Watson Lake and near Teslin Yukon.

It can be a real road hazard at night. A large sign can be seen on the road warning people about their presence.

Huge bison outside Lower Post

Bison outside Lower Post BC April 2018 Philippe Morin (1)Bison outside Lower Post BC April 2018 Philippe Morin (4)Bison outside Lower Post BC April 2018 Philippe Morin (2)Bison outside Lower Post BC April 2018 Philippe Morin (3)

Travelling south of Watson Lake, I saw these massive bison outside Lower Post B.C.

They seemed unbothered by the occasional truck passing by.

Mountain sheep in Kluane National Park



Driving through Kluane National Park I encountered these Dall sheep.

They are very sure-footed as they climb rocky escarpments.

Deer alongside the road


Look out anytime driving the Alaska Highway as there could be wildlife along the side.

This deer was spotted between Whitehorse and Haines Junction.

Lynx crossing the road

DSC_0403 2

DSC_0405 2

Driving to Atlin, BC, spotted this lynx on the Yukon side. A rare encounter.