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Rainy summer day in Whitehorse

Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (2)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (3)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (4)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (5)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (6)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (7)

A rainy summer day in Whitehorse. It hasn’t been very hot this summer but it’s been good for the flowers blooming downtown.


Yukon Horse & Rider Association


There are ranches in Yukon including a few outside Whitehorse.

The Yukon Horse & Rider Association had a horse show this weekend to show off some local kids’ equestrian skills.

Dawson City Dingbats looking like it’s 1901

Dawson City 1DSC_0575 (Small)DSC_0597 (Small)DSC_0608 (Small)DSC_0618 (Small)

Whitehorse has the Dustball Invitational slo-pitch tournament every year. It’s a big weekend of games.

This year the Dawson City Dingbats team arrived looking like an old-timey baseball team with their beards and mustaches.


A rainy summer day in Whitehorse

IMG_1868 (Small)DSC_0017 (Small)DSC_0004 (Small)DSC_0018 (Small)DSC_0008 (Small)DSC_0005 (Small)IMG_1874 (Small)DSC_0006 (Small)DSC_0021 (Small)DSC_0015 (Small)DSC_0025 (Small)DSC_0016 (Small)

A few views of downtown Whitehorse this week, which had a few rainy days.


Summer temperatures have arrived

DSC_0021 (Medium)

The weather’s been above 20 celcius in Whitehorse. Even though there’s snow on the mountains it feels like summer.


Fall colours at Chadburn Lake

IMG_1556Beautiful colours today on trails around Chadburn Lake. This is probably a 15-minute drive from downtown Whitehorse.


Bear warning in Whitehorse

bear warningA bear was recently spotted within Whitehorse. These yellow warnings are posted near the Black Street Stairs.

A good reminder to take out your headphones and pay attention…