Chilkoot Trail: Encounter with a black bear

DSCF7216DSCF7222DSCF7223 DSCF7227During the walk from Happy Camp to Lindeman Lake our group came across a black bear.

The bear and a cub were in a blueberry patch. They poked their heads out of the trees and started walking away.

Later that night at Lindeman Lake campground, Parks Canada was holding a question-and-answer session about the trail and life in Old Crow Yukon.

Suddenly the group heard the snapping of branches from behind a tent. It was the bear and cub returning to the camp.

The Parks Canada guides instructed people to walk into a tent and then made noise: First shouting, then clapping,  then an airhorn, then a “bear banger” to scare the bear away.

The bear resentfully shuffled back into the woods.

black bear

Here’s the bear! (bottom right behind the bushes)


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