Canada’s 150th parade in Whitehorse


Canada Day, July 1st, was marked with a parade in downtown Whitehorse. Canadian Rangers, horses, firetrucks even knights in armor (from the local medieval sports league..)

This year was the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

The last picture shows Teagyn Vallevand of Whitehorse holding a sign saying “150 years of resilience: Yukon First Nations.”

Rainy summer day in Whitehorse

Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (2)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (3)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (4)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (5)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (6)Rain July 4 2017 Philippe Morin (7)

A rainy summer day in Whitehorse. It hasn’t been very hot this summer but it’s been good for the flowers blooming downtown.

Yukon River Quest 2017 begins


Today was the start of the 700-kilometre journey from Whitehorse to Dawson City: The Yukon River Quest.

Some people use canoes, some use kayaks and some even use stand-up paddle boards.

There are two enforced rest stops totalling 10 hours in all, but other than that it’s go-go-go for a few days. Some people sleep while others paddle and some nights people don’t sleep at all.

Aboriginal Day 2017

DSC_0004 (Medium)DSC_0002 (Medium)DSC_0024 (Medium)Daniel Ashley, DJ Dash, performing with The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers (Medium)DSC_0011 (Medium)DSC_0018 (Medium)DSC_0041 (Medium)DSC_0034 (Medium)DSC_0044 (Medium)DSC_0048 (Medium)DSC_0050 (Medium)DSC_0054 (Medium)DSC_0058 (Medium)DSC_0061 (Medium)marilyn Jensen, The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers (Medium)the Peel watershed on drum (Medium)

This is the first year that Aboriginal Day is a statutory holiday in Yukon. This means government employees had the day off.

The celebration in Whitehorse included music, dancing, fish and bannock, and stories told around a campfire.

Firefighters respond in Whitehorse

DSC_0053 (Medium)DSC_0012 (Medium)DSC_0034 (Medium)DSC_0046 (Medium)DSC_0009 (Medium)DSC_0032 (Medium)IMG_0141 (Medium)

Here are some views of Yukon firefighters responding to a call. There are full-time firefighters in Whitehorse as well as volunteer departments in other communities.

Lynx crossing the road

DSC_0403 2

DSC_0405 2

Driving to Atlin, BC, spotted this lynx on the Yukon side. A rare encounter.



Carcross desert


Here is the Carcross desert looking like some exotic planet out of Star Wars: Ice and sand side by side.