“Dun Kenji Ku,” a place for people with FASD

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Whitehorse has opened a new residence which caters to people with FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. It will provide apartments for independent living with councillors in the building.

FASD is a type of brain damage which is inflicted when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy. Oftentimes it is misdiagnosed. The victims often have cognitive disabilities and emotional problems. (One example is an inability to see consequences of actions or plan ahead, also sometimes a propensity to explosive temper.)

Yukon is currently studying the prevalence of people with FASD in the justice system. People with FASD are also over-represented among the homeless population and also in emergency room visits.

This housing-first approach (result of a $3 million investment, from federal, territorial, even municipal) is a study in preventing problems before they start.



2 responses to ““Dun Kenji Ku,” a place for people with FASD

  1. When I lived in Inuvik between 1983 and 1992, I met quite a few children with FASD. What a wonderful development that sufferers from this disorder can get help in standing tall and proud despite what fasith dealt them.

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