All aboard the Klondike: Whitehorse’s old sternwheeler

DSC_0284_1024x768fixed DSC_0329_1024x768 DSC_0328_1024x768 DSC_0317_1024x768 DSC_0316_1024x768 DSC_0312_1024x768 DSC_0309_1024x768 DSC_0307_1024x768 DSC_0306_1024x768 DSC_0301_1024x768 DSC_0300_1024x768 DSC_0297_1024x768 DSC_0294_1024x768 DSC_0291_1024x768 DSC_0289_1024x768 DSC_0286_1024x768 DSC_0285_1024x768In the 1930s when you wanted to get to Dawson City you could sail in luxury on a sternwheeler.

The S.S. Klondike was built in 1936 and first traveled in 1937.

This historic ship is preserved in Whitehorse and includes clothing, furniture and on-board details that could be found in the late 1930s and early 1940s including the dinner menus.

(Note: this post originally had an error saying the ship was from the 1890s gold rush.  Oops! Thanks to staff at Parks Canada Yukon for the correction)


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